Vastu Tips For Your Happy Home

Vastu is an ancient study of “science of architecture” which helps us in making way for positive energies. We will be talking about vastu tips today!!

The concept using its five key elements known as “Paanchbhootas” tells us how to draw benefits from the things that surrounds us. Vastu is also beneficial if you are thinking to purchase/construct home, office, shop, etc as it directs one about the suitability of every location. Here we present you with “7 Vastu Tips For Your Happy Home”.


1. If you are planning to buy a flat or looking for a house on rent, make sure the floors of the flat do not contain any cracks within. Crashed floors are usually not considered fruitful. It can induce plenty of problems and great losses leading to lack of peace in life. Thus, it is advised to get it repair or change and if not possible, just cover the place with mat. You can also go for applying crack filler in the spot.

2. North – Northeast of your house should not have bedrooms. Having bedrooms on these directions will give you diseases and a heavy burdened life which is difficult to carry. So to avoid such problems, bedrooms should always be in South – Southwest directions.

3. Kitchen is an integral part of the house, so must be designed simple enough to put together at home. In order to be gainful, the kitchen must be in south and east only. It should never be in north otherwise it will spoil all your finances.

4. Nearly all the house these days use white marble in their flooring. It is a spiritual belief that white marble carries divine values and so the use of white marble should be restricted to temples and holy places only. That is why using white marble in houses is marked bad luck. Instead one can go for using granite or any other rock.

5. North side of the house should not have staircase as it burdens the magnetic energy we get from the north pole, so as engender hardships in life. Try to shift it in south or west direction. If not possible, free all the space below the stairs. You can also go for painting the staircase light yellow which is for energy to lower the burden.

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6. Apart from valuing the internal vastu, one should also look outside the house for the external vastu. The big electrical transformers should not be very near to your house. Electrical transformers are adverse as it passes a lot of magnetic radiations onto your life. It should be atleast 100 meters away from your home.

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7. Sometimes in the excitement of buying a house, we unintentionally omits a very relevant fact. Vastu of New houses, resale houses and empty houses all contains negative energies and this has an effect on the people moving in. The negative energies stucked in the corners can have bad effects on you and so needs to be removed. Always before shifting to a new place, one should sprinkle sacred water all over the house to lower the impact of negative energies present. Also it would be more helpful if you could get the house white washed to make it more pure. It is suggested to color your house pure white or off-white as it symbolizes purity.

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